Catch Care Release with Tom Rowland

The ethic and conservation aspects of returning fishes alive is a quickly growing and evolving topic among recreational anglers around the world.

Rebuilding Abundance With Oceana Canada

Oceana Canada believes that if managed properly, the ocean could sustainably supply the world’s population with sustainably harvested wild fish.

Extreme Weather Impacts on Fishes and their Habitat

After hurricane Fiona slammed into Atlantic Canada, Blue Fish Radio reached out to Dr. Clark to hear first-hand what this epic storm meant for the fishes and their habitat.

Public Fishery Alliance Conducts Reality Check

Tom Davis, Director with the Public Fishery Alliance, and Chris Bos, Chair of the South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition, are our guests on this new episode of The Blue Fish Radio Show
Lake Ontario ShorelineJoe deSousa, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

River Trap Up-Date

Get caught up with the development of this new exciting “River Trap” technology, it’s connection with marked selective fisheries and salmon hatcheries, and what the MPs had to say about it all on The Blue Fish Radio Show

Chief Donald Maracle of Mohawks of Bay of Quinte

Chief Donald Maracle of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte speaks with Lawrence Gunther about his community’s historic connection to fish and fishing.

Upper St Lawrence River Maitland Tower Reenvisioned

Philip Ling is hard at work converting a set of stone buildings from the 1800s located on the shore of the St. Lawrence River into a state-of-the-art research and training facility.

Door Number One and Michèle Andrews

Door Number One programs extend the reach of the Maitland Tower project across Canada through innovative programs and colaborations.

Up-Date from Save the River

John Peach is the executive director of Save the River and the Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper.

North Americas Largest Antique Boat Museum

The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton NY is the largest museum of its type in North America.

Mariko Izumi Carries on the Family’s TV Legacy

Mariko Izumi and husband Kevin Estrada join Lawrence Gunther on The Blue Fish Radio Show.

Navico's BioBase Fish Habitat Mapping Solution

Lawrence speaks with Navico’s VP of Sustainability Tara Norton about their sustainability commitments and many partnerships with non-profit organizations on conservation initiatives.

Alaska Intercepts Ever More BC Salmon

David Mills oversees salmon awareness campaigns for Watershed Watch Salmon society. He’s one busy guy as he attempts to attract federal attention to a pressing issue impacting B.C. salmon – the Alaskan interception fishery that would appear to be running amok.

IGFA Global Partners Deliver Youth Programming

Blue Fish Canada is the IGFA’s first Canadian partner chosen to help deliver the Passport to Fishing program for youth and their families and mentors.

Fish Consumption Advisories Under the Microscope

Until Fish Consumption Advisories are no longer necessary, government has to improve transparency and public awareness. Hear what Neil Dempster has to say on The Blue Fish Radio Show.

Community Supported Fisheries and Skipper Otto

We discuss the growing importance of CSFs as food insecurity increases across Canada and around the world causing people to seek out more reliable sources of truly sustainably caught seafood.

Great Lakes Nuclear Power station Decommissioning and the IJC

Gayle provides a first-hand overview of the report's findings and recommendations developed over four years to help ensure against major disasters and environmental loss.

A Win For Upper St. Lawrence River Muskie

Blue Fish Canada is pleased to introduce you to four of the advocates behind the push to end the development of Blind Bay on the Upper St. Lawrence River.
Lake Ontario ShorelineJoe deSousa, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lake Ontario East Basin Proposed Protections and Dr. Barrie Gilbert

Dr. Barrie Gilbert is a world renowned expert on animal behavior and advisor to Nature Canada, the NGO championing a new National Marine Conserved Area for Lake Ontario’s East Basin.
Lake Ontario ShorelineJoe deSousa, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

My Catch Panel on Virtual Tournaments and Fisheries Research

This podcast is a recording of a panel discussion I organized and hosted with the St. Lawrence River Institute for Environmental Science featuring virtual fishing tournament organizers, Fish biology researchers, and the inventor of the My Catch app
Lake Ontario ShorelineJoe deSousa, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lake Nipissing Nation-to-Nation Fishery Management Challenges and Changes

Kim Tremblay and Blue Fish Radio discuss the new fishing regs, and the nation-to-nation fisheries collaboration and understanding between the Government of Ontario and Nipissing First Nation