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The Blue Fish Radio show features subjects and people of special interest to the future of fish and fishing. Notable past interviewees include the NOAA Director of Sustainable Fisheries, Ontario’s Environment Commissioner, the CEOs of Trout Unlimited and the Pacific Salmon Foundation, the World Wildlife Foundation’s VP of ocean policy, and numerous leading researchers and local experts in the field of fish biology, aquatic habitat and sustainable fishing.

Episodes of Blue Fish Radio is streamed on the internet 6-times each week over WRVO Outdoor Radio; broadcast 5-times each week by AMI Audio over cable TV and SiriusXM Canada; featured on Outdoor Canada Magazine’s website and social media channels every second week, and linked to by hundreds of conservation and fishing related sites.

Over 100,000 listeners enjoy the show weekly, in addition to audiences reached through links to episodes established on numerous 3rd-party websites and FaceBook pages. Tweeted episode announcements reach on average 60,000 Twitter followers.

Blue Fish Radio interviews are recorded live and later edited to ensure the best possible portrayal of our guests and their message. Downloads or player links of episodes can be obtained for inclusion on your own website or social media. The over 80 Blue Fish Radio episodes can be found on iTunes or downloaded as MP3 files directly from

You can learn more about the host, Lawrence Gunther, at Lawrence also serves as President of Blue Fish Canada, a charity dedicated to the future of fish and fishing.


Abe Frances on Mohawk FN Connections to Fish and Fishing

Abe speaks with Lawrence about the historic connection Mohawk First Nations people have with the fish of the St. Lawrence River, why his people were forced to suspend this connection for the past two generations, what’s being done to re-build this relationship

CFN Live and the Blue Fish News

Lawrence Gunther and Scottie Martin cover finesse fishing trends, fishery biologist scholarships, Clam Pro Tackle’s commitment to move away from Lead, and up-coming outdoor shows

Chasing Giant Freshwater Fish and Zeb Hogan

National Geographics Monster Fish TV hosts Zeb Hogan and Stefan Lovgren have just released their new book, Chasing Giants, In Search of the World’s Largest Freshwater Fish.

CFN Live Nov 27, 2023

Scotty and Lawrence discuss what it says about marine mammals when a large pod of dolphins surrounds a female whale about to give birth in order to protect her baby from sharks.

CFN Live Nov 20 2023

Scotty and Lawrence talk about the Ultimate Ice Fishing Show, and then Lawrence asks Scotty a series of questions on ice fishing preferences causing the CFN audience to wade in.

CFN Live Nov 13 2023

Scotty and Lawrence talk about the Killer Whales off the coast of Spain that are routinely sinking pleasure boats, the hunting partnership between Killer Whales and Greenland hunters, Ontario’s MNRF fish species priorities, Watersheds Canada’s new direction and leadership with respect to fishing

Future Angler Foundation

Lawrence speaks with Future Angler Foundation President Patrick Neu about the origin, mission and future plans to get more youth out fishing.

CFN Live Oct 30, 2023

Scotty and Lawrence discuss the Atlantic Glass Eel fishery, why conservation needs to be the corner-stone of all fishing regulations and enforcement, water abundance in the Great Lakes.

CFN Live and the Blue fish News for Oct 23, 2023

Lawrence and Scottie discuss the future sale of Frenchman Bay on Lake Ontario, what it could mean for access to fishing, and other private land access issues across Canada.