CFN Live Nov 13 2023

Scotty and Lawrence talk about the Killer Whales off the coast of Spain that are routinely sinking pleasure boats, the hunting partnership between Killer Whales and Greenland hunters, Ontario’s MNRF fish species priorities, Watersheds Canada’s new direction and leadership with respect to fishing, the status of fish health on the Upper St. Lawrence River and the work of the River Institute, causes for the Muskie die-offs on the St. Lawrence, how pacific salmon adapted to the viruses in the Great Lakes after being introduced, recognition of new donors to the Blue Fish Exploration Centre, the Centre’s new Supreme Novo 38 woodstove, the Cabela’s store in Ottawa recent donation through their “round up for Conservation” program, why some people count down to retirement and their remaining fishing trips, what motivates us to go fishing, a conversation with the president of the Future Angler Foundation, the 148 million tons of seafood consumed by the world each year and how much of this is grown through aquiculture, and open pen fin-fish aquaculture versus closed containment.