Lawrence and Scotty Live on CFN July 31, 2023

Scottie Martin and Lawrence discuss the role forward looking sonar played during the St. Claire River B.A.S.S. elite tournament, the choice to eat locally caught fish, knowing what you’re eating and what’s in it, where to source Tilapia, seafood fraud, and the use of Butterfish as a common substitute for Tuna in sushi restaurants. And finally, I relay my experience eating at the La Poisson Bleu restaurant in Ottawa for the first time after receiving numerous calls on the Blue fish Canada phone line from customers looking to book a reservation, and the positive dining experience we enjoyed based on their exclusively sustainable and mostly local seafood menu. But there was a seafood choice on the menu that took us all by surprise. Scotty tells his own supermarket seafood story that led to his being escorted from the premises by the police. The validity of sustainable labeling is also discussed, and the recent issue raised by Watershed Watch Salmon Society over the sustainability of Pacific salmon as claimed by several prominent labeling services.