Ontario Women Anglers Current and New 2019 Programs

Building on our series “giants in the Canadian fishing industry”, Blue Fish Radio is honoured to feature Yvonne Brown, founder of “Ontario Women Anglers”. In 2016 Yvonne Brown became the first woman angler to receive the Rick Amsbury Award of Excellence presented by the Canadian Angler Hall of Fame. Yvonne serves as an ambassador for National Fishing Week and Keep Canada Fishing. These titles acknowledge Yvonne’s work and dedication to introducing the sport of fishing to women through the organization she founded called Ontario Women Anglers.

Hear Yvonne discuss with Lawrence Gunther programs Yvonne has on offer through Ontario Women Anglers on this episode of Blue Fish Radio:

Yvonne Brown believes that getting people involved in any outdoor activity helps create stewards of our natural resources. She says, “The more families that engage in fishing, hunting, hiking and other outdoor pursuits, the better chance we have in educating Canadians in protecting our fisheries, wildlife and waterways”.

For more about Ontario Women Anglers visit: www.ontariowomenanglers.ca/