Ian McAllister on Diminishing BC Herring Stocks

Blue Fish Radio continues to seek answers to why BC’s ecosystem is in decline. After the collapse of the Cod fishery and all that entailed on Canada’s east coast, why are BC’s southern Chinook salmon heading down the same path?

Listen to this week’s Blue Fish Radio guest expert, Ian McAllister from Pacific Wild, as we explore the foundation role of North Pacific Herring, and why their decline threatens BC’s entire ecosystem:

Mr. Ian McAllister is the executive director of Pacific Wild. He’s dedicated his life to exploring the rivers and tributaries along Canada’s west coast, and finding solutions too many of our “man-made” problems. His actions to conserve vital wilderness are making a difference, and his media projects to document and educate others continue to earn Ian and his team much applause.

Watch the trailer for Ian’s latest initiative, a 42-minute IMAX film “The Great Bear Rainforest” that’s receiving tons of critical acclaim: https://pacificwild.org/video/great-bear-rainforest-imax-trailer/