Alabama Fish Biologist and Carp

Interview with Dirk Price, fish biologist and operator of a fish hatchery for over 30 years, speaks about Carp and the very minimal impact they have had on his native Alabama sport fishery.

Blue Fish and the St-Lawrence Institute

Lawrence Gunther, President of Blue Fish Canada, presents at the St-Lawrence River Institute on Environmental Science on the subject of fishers as stewards.

Lanark Fish and Game Conservation

Lanark and district fish and game conservation club has done more for Walleye habitat restoration. Litterally thousands of tons or rocks have been moved by this club in the name of Walleye.

Meet Teeg Stouffer of Recycled Fish

Listen to Teeg talk about the significant challenges that society poses to the on-going welfare of our waters and fish populations, and what Recycled Fish has accomplished by working with fishing clubs throughout the U.S.

Wil Wegman on Conservation Projects

Interview with Wil Wegman, Conservation Director for the Arrora Bass Masters, on the innovative conservation projects the club undertook in partnership with community groups, and the three conservation awards the club won in 2013.

Paul Shibata on Live Release

Interview with Paul Shibata, President of Renegade Bass on steps to ensure maximum live release tournaments.

Evolution of Ontario Fishing Regulations

Interview with Ministry of Natural Resources Recreational Fisheries Policy Adviser.