Great Lakes water Quality and Tom de Loe from the IJC

The Great Lakes Water Quality Board just conducted the largest survey of citizens about the lakes and there’s unanimous agreement that we need to safeguard the water and it’s aquatic life. Listen as Dr. de Loe, Canada’s Co-Chair on this important International Joint Commission Board, speaks with Lawrence about his plans to work himself out of a job by making fish from the Great Lakes completely safe to eat. First though, we all need to understand that the Great Lakes represent a largely non-renewable yet significant portion of the world’s fresh water.


Eighty-five percent of respondents believe protecting the Great Lakes is highly important, according to one of the largest surveys ever conducted on public perception of the world’s largest freshwater system. The International Joint Commission (IJC) sponsored the survey, which was completed by its Great Lakes Water Quality Board in late 2015 and is summarized in the report released today.