Lake of the Woods

The other great lake, Lake of the Woods, is experiencing a number of water quality and fish health challenges, and the International Joint Commission is one of several U.S. and Canadian organizations seeking support to do something. Dr. Glen Benoy from the IJC speaks to Lawrence about their ambitious 5-year $8.4 million strategy.

One Mans Fishing Log

Wally Robins tracked fish captures on his favorite lake for over 30 years, and ultimately used the knowledge to rally stakeholders and rebuild his lake’s Smallmouth Bass population.

Canada’s new Trout Unlimited CEO

As the new CEO of Trout Unlimited Canada, Silvia D’Amelio has a number of ideas on how to build on the organizations rich heritage and make it more relevant than ever!

Training Fish To Walk

Dr. Emily Standen has proven fish can be trained to walk on land and that they are naturals. Here how she replicated what nature accomplished 400-million years ago.

Closed Containment Salmon Farming

A First Nations community on Canada’s Vancouver Island is attempting to successfully commercialize something few have dared — to grow Atlantic Salmon using closed containment technology that keeps the salmon isolated from the natural environment.

Aquahacking the Ottawa River

Meredith Brown of the Ottawa River Keepers speaks about an exciting new technology initiative intended to merge technical innovation with aquatic stewardship, and Lawrence makes an exciting commitment to Meredith for late spring 2015.

Electro-Fishing and American Eels

Learn first hand how electro-fishing works, and hear what research is underway to save American Eels migrating along the St. Lawrence River.

Oil Pipes and the Skeena River

If oil pipelines are built to move oil from Alberta to the west coast of Canada, what would it mean for the Skeena River watershed?

Southern Carp Come North

100 years after Common Carp were introduced to North America, their distant cousins the Bighead and Silver Carp species are poised to invade the Great Lakes, but is it as bad as all that?

The Role of Marine Reserves

Dr. Clarke speaks about the positive impact marine reserves are having around the world on fish populations and wonders why Canada hasn’t adopted a similar model.