Save the River Looks to Halt Spread of Asian Carp

John Peach is the Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper, Executive Director of Save The River, and this week’s guest on Blue Fish Radio. Listen this week as John lays out his plans to engage the U.S. and New York state governments to fund the proposed $778 million to establish innovative technologies developed to prevent Asian Carp from entering the Great Lakes, while still allowing ships to transit between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River.

Proposed structural measures to the Brandon Road Lock include an acoustic fish deterrent (noise), an electric dispersal barrier, an engineered channel (rebuilding the floor of the lock), a flushing lock (elongated flushing pool at the head of the lock), and an air bubble curtain. Boat ramps at the upper and lower ends of the locks will be supporting measures. Additional nonstructural measures will include the continued use of contract fishermen to harvest Asian carp below the lock, use of pesticide, public education, and continued research on new technologies that could be installed in the lock when proven effective.