Ducks Unlimited and Fish

Mark Gloutney, Eastern Canada Regional Director for Ducks Unlimited, talks about the fish conservation work his organization has been busy undertaking across Canada, and the new cooperation agreement Ducks recently signed with Muskie Canada Inc., which begs the question, don’t Muskie eat ducks?

Ontario Federation of Cottagers

The Federation of Ontario Cottager Associations knows that their 50,000 member families understand all-too-well that their enjoyment of their cottage properties is directly linked to the health of the waters their cottages border. Terry Rees is the head of FOCA and is leading the charge to make sure Ontario’s water resources are treated right.

Recycled Fish on Stewardship

Over ten years of promoting sound angler stewardship practices, the U.S. non-profit organization Recycled Fish has learned a few things about what we anglers and the population as a whole have to do to ensure our fish and water resources are going to be around for future generations to enjoy – it goes way beyond catch and release.

Commercial Fishing in the Arctic

As climate change continues to shrink the ice-pack in Canada’s Arctic, opportunities for commercial fishing expand. Naturally, the temptation to capitalize on this relatively untapped wild bounty is great, but will the fishing be done sustainability? Over 2,000 scientists from around the world are raising cautionary flags. Time will tell if people are listening.

WWF on Illegal Fishing

Michele Kuruc, Vice President of Ocean Policy at the World Wildlife Fund, speaks to Lawrence about the global problem of illegal fishing and why all of us need to put a stop to it before the world’s wild fish stocks are decimated.

Mark Melnyk on Conservation

Mark Melnyk, a popular fishing program TV host, shares his insights and stories on fish conservation, and a number of excellent stewardship tips.

Self-Taught Scientist

Some scientists spend years pursuing higher education, while others spend years pursuing self-directed independent studies. Meet a brilliant field scientist making a difference.

Proposed Western Gateway Pipeline

Informed advocacy is the name of the game in fighting potentially destructive oil distribution practices that threaten British Columbia’s central and northern coastlines.

David Chong and Urban Fishing

David Chong, one of Canada’s premier Bass fishing competitors, is also an urban fisher, something he takes seriously — especially when police threaten arrests.

Drugs and Our Fish

Dr. Vance Trudeau has made it his life’s work to understand the outcomes of synthetic drugs being released into our rivers and lakes, and the very disturbing impacts these drugs are having on aquatic animals like fish and frogs. Male fish that have lost their urge to spawn or having developed with testicles that produce eggs, are just two of the research findings Dr. Trudeau shares with Lawrence.