100 Year Old Sockeye Salmon DNA Unearthed

Michael Price is a doctoral student at Simon Fraser University and the lead author of a recently published article featuring newly discovered 100-year old Skeena River Sockeye salmon DNA. The extensive collection of early 20th century scale samples along with information about each fish’s weight, length, sex and the date caught is being used to rebuild baseline data that researchers are now using to make modern day comparisons. It’s providing a deeper understanding of what we need to do to ensure the future of the many Sockeye species that travel and make home the Skeena River and its tributaries. Knowledge essential to Sockeye adjusting to changes brought about by climate change.

Link below to hear Michael Price in conversation with Lawrence Gunther on Blue Fish Radio:

Link below to read the first article featuring the work of Michael Price and his team: https://www.sciencemag.org/

Link below for more about Michael Price: www.michaelprice.org