Todd Sellers on Lake of the Woods Algae and Fish Sustainability

Photo of Todd holding a Muskie

Mr. Todd Sellers is the Executive Director of the Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation. Over the past 15 years the Foundation, under Todd’s leadership, has put Lake of the Woods on the map to gain the attention required to document and reverse a number of troubling trends. A lake that crosses international borders, touches two provinces and one State, and measures 100 km in width and 160 km in length, it’s known as the jewel of north-western Ontario.

Link below to hear how this remote lake is now the focus of numerous governments, international bodies, and a vocal stakeholder community on The Blue Fish Radio Show:

To register for the April 14 Lake of the Woods workshops with Environment and Climate Change Canada and make your concerns known about water quality and fish health visit:

To learn more about what ECCC is doing and to submit your own recommendations before the April 30 deadline visit:

Photo of Todd and his nephews bass fishing
Photo of Blue Green Algae along the shoreline
Photo of Lake of the Woods Modis Satellite with borders
Photo of Lake of the Woods Sentinel Satellite with Kenora