Fastest Changing Great Lake – Superior

In a recent IJC report, “Assessing Progress: Climate change and algal blooms in Lake Superior”, Dr. Jay Austin, University of Minnesota’s Duluth Large Lakes Observatory, says “Lake Superior is one of the fastest-changing lakes in the world”. Dr. Austin knows this because he and his team have been measuring just how fast summer lake water temperature is warming, the decrease in duration of winter ice cover, and the increase in blue-green algal blooms. And, in 2016, 2017 and 2018, the number and intensity of storms causing erosion and shoreline infrastructure destruction. According to the IJC, “the high resource value of Lake Superior needs to be protected to maintain public trust that important resources can be saved”.

Link below to hear Dr. Austin discuss his research with editor Lawrence Gunther on The Blue Fish Radio Show, and why Lake Superior serves as an ideal model for measuring climate change impacts: