Dam Busting and Fish Passage with Dr Sean Landsman Part 2 of 2

Dr. Sean Landsman is with the Institute of Environmental and Interdisciplinary Science at Carleton University, and is a serious Muskie angler. Sean is our guest on Blue Fish Radio for a two part series where we discuss the linkage between fish health, and dams and their fish passage systems. In this 2nd and final installment Dr. Landsman explains the different fish passage systems adopted to move fish around dams, their strengths and weaknesses, and why alternative solutions may be preferable such as removal of dams when possible.

Link below to hear Dr. Landsman speak with Lawrence Gunther on Blue Fish Radio:

Sean Landsman is also a professional photographer. His work focuses on science communications, and general nature imagery, with a special interest in underwater storytelling. He’s passionate about using still photography as a visual communication tool to educate the public about nature, and is especially interested in teaching people about the aquatic world and helping foster greater care and appreciation for life beneath the water’s surface. For more about Sean and access his photos visit: www.seanlandsmanphotography.com.