Tom Brooke Reflects on past and Future Challenges to Recreational fishing

Mr. Tom Brooke is one of Canada’s greatest ambassadors for recreational fishing. He’s personally been involved in driving forward many of the transformative changes that helped ensure the tradition of recreational fishing has evolved to meet technological and environmental changes throughout North America. Tom’s hand in developing the water weigh-in system used by fishing tournaments, forming the Canadian Sport Fishing Industry Association, and his recent honorary appointment to Canada’s all-party Parliamentary Outdoor Caucus are just a few of his many accomplishments and recognitions. Learn why Tom has no plans on retiring soon on this week’s episode of Blue Fish Radio – Toms engaged in his biggest challenge yet — ensuring angler access to their waters now at risk due to rules contained within newly proposed Marine Protection Areas.

Listen to Tom Brooke reflect on past and Future Challenges to Recreational fishing this week on Blue Fish Canada.