Taking the Pulse of the St. Lawrence River

Dr. Leigh McGaughey has researched diverse aquatic ecosystems all over the world, and is now focusing on the St. Lawrence River. The report intends to address the questions of importance to members of the public. Can I eat the fish that I catch? Is it safe to swim? How healthy is our water? It’s about the health of the River now, how it compares to the past, and what can be done to make it better. The report is intended to focus research programs in areas that are data deficient and provide direction for rehabilitation projects and policy/management decisions.

Listen to this episode of Blue Fish Radio featuring Lawrence Gunther in discussion with Dr. McGaughey.

The St. Lawrence River is one of the great rivers of the world and every so often this Great River needs a good check-up. The St. Lawrence River Institute’s Dr. Leigh McGaughey is the doctor charting the well-being of the Upper St. Lawrence River through the “Great River Rapport” – an ecosystem health report card. The Upper St Lawrence River encompasses the region from Kingston/Cape Vincent to Lake St Francis and includes the international waters shared by the Mohawks of Akwesasne, Canada and the United States.

Over the last several months the River Institute has hosted an on-line survey to ask the public specifically what their concerns are. Well over 100 people have had their say so far sparking an ongoing conversation of the concerns, status, and actions we can all take to make our River better for today and for future generations.

Click on the link to provide your own input and to add your name to be notified of up-coming consultations: http://riverinstitute.ca/riverrapport/

Dr. McGaughey will also be presenting on the project at the March 6 edition of Science and Nature on Tap at Schnitzel’s in Cornwall Ontario.