Shimano issues Anglers a Call to Fish Conservation

Mr. Phil Morlock, Vice-President of Advocacy & Government Affairs, Shimano North America, has been working hard for years to make sure competitive Fishing Events utilize Best conservation practices. He continues to encourage those anglers contemplating taking part in competitive fishing events to be informed and to carefully review how fish are handled and released before deciding to participate.

Link below to hear Phil Morlock in conversation with Lawrence Gunther about Shimano live release bass fishing innovations, angler expectations, and the break-through conservation research being conducted by scientists like Dr. Bruce Tufts at Queen’s University, on this episode of Blue Fish Radio:

Shimano promotes scientifically based management and environmentally sustainable uses of freshwater and marine fisheries. Shimano believes in maintaining the highest standards for best fish handling and live release practices, and has invested in the research and development of live release systems, such as Water Weigh-In Systems, and in conservation partnerships.

For more about Shimano’s leadership in the area of conservation visit: