Rescuing Alberta's Native Trout

The Alberta Native Trout Restoration Program includes The Alberta Conservation Association, Cows and Fish, Trout Unlimited Canada, Foothills Research Institute, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and the Alberta Government.

Old Enough to Know What We Have Lost

Hear Stephen Hume in conversation with Lawrence Gunther on this episode of Blue Fish Radio

River Monster Host Jeremy Wade Part 2 of 2

Jeremy and Lawrence went deep on this final Blue Fish Radio segment as we explore why youth continue to be fascinated with exploring their local underwater worlds – a pastime that in 2020 is attracting youth in numbers not witnessed for decades

River Monster Host Jeremy Wade Part 1 of 2

Hear Jeremy Wade in conversation with host Lawrence Gunther on this first of this two part series “Giants of the Fishing Industry” on Blue Fish Radio.

Singer and Angler Uncle Kracker on Fishing During Troubling Times

Hear Matthew Shafer in conversation with Lawrence Gunther on this special “Fishing Musicians” episode of Blue Fish Radio

John Anderson and the Decline of St Lawrence Muskie

John Anderson recently published an article summarizing what we know from anglers and scientists, and has put out a call for action.

Covid-19 and the West Coast Recreational Salmon Fishery

Hear west coast angler Brian Braidwood discuss what anglers are doing to stay safe, and how they are seeking to have rules changed to allow for the retention of hatchery Chinook salmon

International Freshwater Biodiversity Action Plan and Dr Steven Cooke

Hear Dr. Cooke in conversation with Lawrence Gunther about the 6-step program being proposed to ensure the planet’s freshwater biodiversity reverses its present 40-year decline

The Bay of Quinte Conservation and Watersheds Canada Natural Edge Shoreline Initiative

Hear Lawrence Gunther in conversation with Chloe Lajoie, Natural Edge Program Manager for Watersheds Canada, and Maya Navrot, Education and Stewardship Coordinator with Quinte Conservation

Sewage Continues to Pose Problems for Fishability

Hear what Mark Mattson, Co-Director of Swim Drink Fish Canada and the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, has to say about raw sewage impacting our water quality and fish health.

Miramichi Striped Bass Survival up for Debate

Hear a Blue fish Radio up-date from Jeff Wilson on the latest in this high-stakes battle over whether Striped Bass will take the fall for Atlantic salmon

Pacific Salmon Enter the Arctic in Record Numbers

Hear DFO researcher Dr. Karen Dunmall discuss the Arctic Salmon research project with Lawrence Gunther on Blue Fish Radio

A Spiritual Connection with Fishing and Italo Labignan

Hear Italo Labignan in conversation with Lawrence Gunther on this episode of Blue Fish Radio

Changes to Shoreline Wetlands and Fish Habitat

Hear Dr. David Brown from the CWF speak about challenges facing Canada’s shoreline and coastal wetlands

Goby Virus Causing Decline in St Lawrence River Muskie

Hear Lawrence Gunther in conversation with these two experts on what we know and what’s being done to address the virus being spread to Muskie by invasive Round Gobies

Canada and Americas Conservation Enhancement Act

Hear Collin O’Mara, CEO and President of the National Wildlife Federation, to gain perspective about the ACE Act and recent Clean Water Act rollbacks

Poisoning Invasive Smallmouth Bass to Save Miramichi River Atlantic Salmon

Hear Mark Hambrook from the Miramichi Salmon Association explain how they propose to use Rotenone to poisen the Smallmouth bass in the Miramichi

Physical Fitness Pain Relief and Fishing

Learn about common pain and fitness issues Travis encounters, how training helps, what anglers can do at home, and how perceptions of fitness in the sport of angling are changing.

The Ebb and Flow of the St Lawrence River

Hear professional angler Todd Beckstead speak about his first-hand experiences fishing on Lake Ontario during recent flood events, and how high out-flows at the Moses-Saunders Dam have impacted the Upper St. Lawrence River

First-Ever Indigenous IJC Commissioner Henry Lickers

Henry Lickers believes the IJC is committed to include the traditional knowledge of both indigenous nations and shoreline communities, and to apply science to inform precautionary measures