Part 2 – Interview with Environmental Commissioner for Ontario – Endangered Species and Miss-Guided Government Action

Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, Dianne Saxe

In part two of this two-part interview with Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, Dianne Saxe, we discuss the miss-guided actions of government and the impacts on Ontario’s environment, people and economy. We also review the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s risk-based approach to protecting species at risk, which the ECO report asserts has yet to protect a single species, and what this means for turtles and the Algonquin or Eastern wolf. We also learn about the unacceptable delays behind improving the environmental bill of rights.

Link here to read this amazingly accessible and riveting ECO 2017 report, Good Choices, Bad Choices:

Link here to register for the November 23 Webinar being given by Commissioner Saxe: