Matthew Owl and Ritchie Falls Resort – Part 1

Matthew Owl and his wife Kyla are the new managers and promoters of Ritchie Falls, a 100-year old fishing and hunting resort. After being purchased in 2012 by a local First Nations business consortium, Ritchie Falls has been going through significant structural and mandate changes. Revitalizing aging fish and hunt businesses, many of whom have experienced steady declines in their return customers due to aging demographics, requires a new approach. Ritchie Falls is now moving away from its former exclusive focus on consumptive activities such as hunting and fishing, and is incorporating indigenous eco-tourism as part of its new service offerings as it moves to operate year-round. In part one of this 2-part Blue fish Radio interview with Matthew Owl we learn about the challenges of starting over while still honoring Ritchie Falls’ spirit and customer base. Episode 145 featured Matthew’s business and life Partner, Kyla Lee Owl, a dedicated bow huntress and fishing guide.

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