International Freshwater Biodiversity Action Plan and Dr Steven Cooke

Dr. Steven Cooke teaches Fish ecology and conservation at Carleton University and runs the Cooke Lab. He’s also now one of a handful of international representatives selected to develop a Freshwater action plan designed to reverse the world-wide decline in freshwater biodiversity now on track to be at “code red” in 10-15 years.

Hear Dr. Cooke in conversation with Lawrence Gunther about the 6-step program being proposed to ensure the planet’s freshwater biodiversity reverses its present 40-year decline on this episode of Blue Fish Radio:

Dr. Steven Cooke has diverse interests in integrative biology, conservation science, and natural resource management. His work spans the natural and social sciences with a particular focus on developing solutions to problems facing fish and other aquatic organisms. Specific projects of late have focused on issues and topics such as fish migration, fish-hydropower interactions, the sustainability of recreational fisheries, aquatic habitat restoration, the movement ecology of fish, the ecology of stress in wild fish, and winter biology.

Click on the link for more information about the work of Dr. Steven Cooke and the Cooke Lab: