IJC on New Great Lakes Fish Health Advisory Committee

In 2017 Blue Fish Canada organized a half-day focus on fish health and fish consumption as part of the St. Lawrence River Institute for Environmental Studies Annual research and policy symposium. In attendance was Dr. Laurie Chan, Canadian co-chair of the IJC Health Professionals Advisory Board, and a University of Ottawa Professor and Canada Research Chair in Toxicology and Environmental Health. Good news, the International Joint Commission just announced the formation of a Fish Consumption Advisory Project with the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, and Dr. Chan is Co-Chairing the initiative! The initiative represents a first step to better understand the role of fish consumption advisories and what catching and consuming fish in the Great Lakes Basin and St. Lawrence River means to the socio-economic sustainability of shoreline communities.

Hear Dr. Chan discuss the new IJC initiative with Lawrence Gunther on this episode of Blue fish Radio: