Florida’s Sawfish On Road to Recovery

There are five species of Sawfish around the world, and all are now considered endangered. Only the Smalltooth Sawfish can still be found along Florida’s coastlines and backcountry, but don’t let their name fool you. The Smalltooth Sawfish measures up to five meters in length, can weigh as much as 400 kilos, and it’s bill or rostrum can measure over a meter in length. We may have turned the corner on the Smalltooth’s demise, but there’s still work to do to ensure the full recovery of these apex predators.

Listen this week on Blue fish Radio as we speak with Adam Brame of NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service and Coordinator of the Sawfish recovery program.

For more information about the Sawfish recovery program visit: www.SawfishRecovery.org

To report a smalltooth sawfish encounter call 1-844-4SAWFISH or email sawfish@myfwc.com