Craig Oliver Interviews Lawrence Gunther

In this episode of Blue Fish Radio, Craig Oliver, host of Challenges and Change on AMI TV, gets Lawrence Gunther in the visitor’s chair where he opens up and shares personal thoughts and stories about turning his complete loss of sight into a tool that made him one of Canada’s leading voices on sustainable fishing. We learn how he visualizes underwater ecosystems that make up 70% of the earth’s surface, and how he utilized this skill to successfully compete in over 125 fishing tournaments to date where he beats most of his sighted competitors most of the time. Lawrence reflects on his summers spent as a commercial Cod fisher along Canada’s east coast, and how this work not only provided the economic support needed to attend university and earn his Masters in Environmental Studies, but awoke his passion for documenting and promoting traditional and sustainable fish harvesting practices after witnessing the collapse of the North Atlantic Cod fishery. We also learn about Lawrence’s fascination with technology, and how this led to his developing the world’s first fishing boat for the blind. Finally, Lawrence shares how he has adopted the philosophy of being a “net giver” to his community, a value learned when conducting extensive field research among Inuit and Native communities in Canada’s western Arctic. It’s a candid and thought-provoking exchange people will find both compelling and inspiring.