BC Steelhead Research Turns to Citizen Science for Answers

PhD candidate Amanda Jeanson at Carleton University’s “Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology” program, part of the Cooke Lab, is in BC to find out why their inland recreational rainbow trout fisheries are in decline. Her focus is the Thompson and Chilcotin river systems.

Amanda’s research has implications for fisheries management and policy development. It’s all part of a larger research project called "Sustaining freshwater recreational fisheries in a changing environment" based out of UBC and funded by Genome Canada and Genome BC.

Listen this week on Blue Fish Radio as Amanda discusses the importance of building a community when conducting research with anglers, and how this includes a continuous relationship and contact, not a one-time interview.

To reach Amanda’s re: her citizen science research visit the Anglers Atlas website at: https://www.anglersatlas.com/research/social-ecological-studies-of-inland-recreational-rainbow-trout-fisheries

To link to the Cooke’s Lab online angler survey visit: https://survey.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3X9lAIfOuGKehI9