Andrew Kadykalo

Decision Makers and BC's Rainbow Trout Populations

This week on Blue Fish Radio more on BC’s struggling Rainbow populations with Ph.D candidate Andrew Kadykalo.
Dr Tom Weagar

Dr Tom Weagar and Fleming College

Sir Sandford Fleming College is ground zero for anyone in Ontario looking to start a career in resource management and enforcement.
River Rangers

River Rangers on Track to Inspire Next Generation Conservationists

David Stibbe, a local educator and founder of, is expanding with his launch of the non-profit organization River Rangers.

Great Lakes Native Species Return

Dr. Trevor Pitcher is the Executive Director of the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research located at the University of Windsor, and the man behind the brand new Freshwater Restoration Ecology Centre.
Amanda Jeanson

BC Steelhead Research Turns to Citizen Science for Answers

PhD candidate Amanda Jeanson at Carleton University's “Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology” program, part of the Cooke Lab, is in BC to find out why their inland recreational rainbow trout fisheries are in decline.
Sean Simmons

Anglers Atlas and Citizen Science

Sean Simmons is the Founder of Anglers Atlas and has a passion and admiration for citizen science as undertaken by Canada’s top recreational anglers.
Fishing Friendzy

Fishing Friendzy New Youth Fishing League

Michael E. Sklad, Founder and President of Fishing Friendzy, is super excited about launching the new Youth Fishing League.
Kyle in the field

Ducks Unlimited on Weeding Our Wetlands

Aquatic invasive plants are labeled invasive due to their highly disruptive impacts on wetlands, lakes and rivers.
Dr Ken Drouillard

Fish Harvest Regulations and Fish Consumption Advisories

Dr Ken Drouillard at the University of Winsor is a lead researcher with the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research.
Kat Kavanagh at Greens Creek

Water Rangers Serving Citizen Scientists

Kat Kavanagh is the founder and Executive Director of Water Rangers.
Taylor Ridderbusch holding a rainbow trout1

Trout Unlimited Conservation Initiatives

Listen what Trout Unlimited is up to ensure the future of cold water fish species.
Lena Azeez from Watershed Watch Salmon Society

Flood Prevention versus Fish Habitat

Lena Azeez from Watershed Watch Salmon Society is working with communities from British Columbia's lower mainland to draft and pass a resolution that underscores their commitment to safeguard fish habitat.

Balancing Dams with Fish Passage

Dams and barriers are often considered positive landscape features because they can generate power, provide recreational opportunities, block invasive species, and prevent contaminant and disease transfer upstream.
Dr Jeff Ridal

St Lawrence River Institute on Fish Health Research

Dr. Jeff Ridal is the Executive Director of the St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences.
Chris Nielsen

Musky Canada Sport Fishing and Research

Musky Canada Sport Fish and Research came into being to introduce conservation measures into the sport of Musky fishing.
Karen Cooper

Upper St Lawrence River Protection Network

The Upper St Lawrence River Protection Network is the creation of Karen Cooper at the St. Lawrence River Institute for Environmental Studies in Cornwall.
Commissioner Gordon Walker

Commissioner Gordon Walker and the International Joint Commission

Commissioner Gordon Walker is one of three Canadian Commissioners who have pledged to uphold the terms of a 1909 water boundary treaty between Canada and the U.S. Governments
Jason Barnucz

Pledge to Pitch with Jason Barnucz

Jason Barnucz is a trained research biologist and the Conservation Director for the Ontario Bass Nation.
Lawrence and Moby

Blind Fishing with Lawrence Gunther

Ten years after Blue Fish Canada’s president launched the world’s first Blind Fishing Boat, he’s still getting tons of interest from those who want to learn more about fishing and navigating blind.
Suzuki Foundation scientist

Declining Resident Orca Whales and Chinook salmon populations

While most all other Orca or Killer Whale populations are growing in size, and in certain cases, setting new population records, the southern and northern residential Orca populations along Canada’s west coast have not fared as well.

Invading Species at the Toronto Sportsman Show

Foreign species are invading the Great Lakes in numbers and varieties that are continuously, profoundly and drastically re-configuring our aquatic ecosystems
Dr Chris Harvey-Clarke and Greenland Sharks

Dr Chris Harvey-Clarke and Greenland Sharks

His passion is the study of Greenland sharks to the point now that he’s the go-to guy for TV programs such as Discovery channel’s Daily Planet and the River Monster series.
Max as voyager

Max Finkelstein Canoes Capital to Capital Part #2

Max Finkelstein had an idea that the rivers of Canada and the United States shared much in common, and organized a team of paddlers to prove his point.
Max and his pups on his canoe

Max Finkelstein Canoes across Canada Part #1

Few have accomplished anything close to what Max Finkelstein has undertaken with a paddle and canoe.
Dave Mercer and Lawrence Gunther

Dave Mercer Canada's newest Member of the Fishing Hall of Fame

Each year Andy and Vida Pallotta host the Canadian Sport Fishing Hall of Fame Awards as part of their Toronto Spring Fishing and Boat Show.

Dr Larry McKinney Raises Concerns about Canada's Proposed Marine Protection Process

Canada has set the goal to establish marine protection areas for 10 per cent of our oceans by 2020.
Tom Brooke

Tom Brooke Reflects on past and Future Challenges to Recreational fishing

Mr. Tom Brooke is one of Canada’s greatest ambassadors for recreational fishing.
Two Salmon

Watershed Watch on Penned and Wild Salmon

In 2015, Stan Proboszcz, staff scientist with watershed watch, was asked to be on a government science steering committee examining an Infectious Virus found on salmon farms and its risk to wild salmon.
Lawrence with John and Maestro

John Anderson and the Ottawa River Musky factory

John Anderson from the Ottawa River Musky Factory is our guest this week on Blue Fish Radio

Fox in the BC Henhouse

In order to reduce the size of government and speed up approval processes, public oversight of BC resources has been drastically reduced over the past 15 years

Save the St. Lawrence River from Five marooned cargo ships

On December 28, 2017 the Pacific Huron Bulk Carrier, a623-foot vessel Loaded with soybean, ran aground along the south shore of the St. Lawrence River near Wellesley Island.
Lawrence in his scuba gear stepping off the dock

Beneath the Waves with Dr Austin Gallagher

Austin Gallagher is the chief scientist and CEO of Beneath the Waves, a film festival that has traveled to over 100 countries.
Dave Holding Tagged Bonefish

Dr David Philipp and Sustainable Recreational Fishing

Dr. David Philipp has dedicated his life to understanding the interplay between anglers and fish.
Queen's University Biological Station, ice fishing

Queen's University Biological Station and Dr Stephen Lougheed

From frogs to fish, the over 50 buildings have hosted research on ecology, evolution, conservation, geography and environmental science for over 70 years.
Lawrence having a laugh with Boatbuilder

Reconciliation and Resource Access Rights

Listen to indigenous leaders from across Canada reflect and offer advice on how we can work together to develop sustainable access to Canada’s wild renewable resources
Stephanie Woodworth out on the lake

Walk the Talk with Stephanie Woodworth

Stephanie Woodworth is a Youth Advisor for Waterlution who moved to Toronto from Dryden Ontario to pursue a Masters.

La Peche Au Feminin

Fly Fishing International Certified instructor Joannie De Lasablonniere has instructed over 100 women to fly fish since launching her business in 2016, La Peche Au Feminin.
Ottawa River Champions, Lawrence and featured Chef Steve Mitton sit around the camp fire

Ottawa River Champions Voice their Thoughts on Sustainable Fishing and what the river means to them

Lake2Plate is a new video series designed to inspire viewers to harvest and prepare fish and wild forage in ways that both celebrate our shore-lunch tradition, and the ability to harvest wild fish and food sustainably using local knowledge and science-based selection techniques.
Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, Dianne Saxe

Part 2 interview with Environmental Commissioner for Ontario – Endangered Species and Miss-Guided Government Action

In part two of this two-part interview with Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, Dianne Saxe, we discuss the miss-guided actions of government and the impacts on Ontario’s environment, people and economy.
Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, Dianne Saxe

Part 1 with Environmental Commissioner for Ontario on Mercury and Blue Green Algae

In part one of this two-part interview with Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, Dianne Saxe, we delve into the industrial tragedy that has haunted two first nations communities in north-western Ontario for over 50 years.
Matt Windle Holding an American Eel

North American Eel Annual Survey on the St Lawrence

Listen to Episode 162 of Blue Fish Radio as Matt Windle, Biologist with the St. Lawrence River Institute for Environmental Research, explains how he and his volunteers carry out their annual night-time fall survey of American Eels on the St. Lawrence River

Whale Disentanglement and the NOAA

Disentangling whales from commercial fishing gear and just about anything else we put into oceans is an increasingly growing concern.

Dr. Steven Cooke on Tracking Bass

Dr. Steven Cooke’s team at Carleton University helps protect and manage fisheries and aquatic ecosystems by researching Conservation Physiology, a discipline which examines how fish and other organisms respond to change.

Inuit Marine-Management Plan for Canada's Eastern Arctic

The Inuit of Labrador and the federal government have signed a deal that will see the Inuit participate in the development of a marine-management plan covering more than 380,000 square kilometres

Marc Gaden and the Great Lakes Fishery Commission (GLFC)

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission was established in 1955 by the Canadian/U.S. Convention on Great Lakes Fisheries.

Dr Dominique Lapointe on St Lawrence Fish Health

Fish physiologist Dr Dominique Lapointe is engaged in crucial research at the St. Lawrence Institute for Environmental Science
Boat and truck camper by shoreline

Lawrence Gunther on Fishing Blind

Listen to this week’s Blue fish Radio Episode 155 as Lawrence gives up his blind fishing secrets
Two Salmon

West Coast farmed and Wild Salmon - a First Nations Perspective

For centuries now when the tide rolls out the table is set for Canada’s West Coast First Nations people.

Wild Pacific Salmon Returns Raise Concern

2017 is proving to be a difficult year for BC’s wild salmon.

Rebuilding Numbers of U.S. Anglers

Current participation trends show younger, more diverse audiences are reluctant to take up fishing and boating

Reducing Right Whale Deaths Trends

Danielle Dion is the Senior Naturalist for Quoddy Link Marine going on 16 years and knows a thing or two about Right Whales.
Mike Leonard with Louisiana Redfish

Act to Govern Saltwater Recreational Fishing in the U.S.

The U.S. “Modernizing Recreational Fisheries Management Act” seeks to apply modern management approaches, science and technology to guide decision-making over saltwater recreational fishing.
hauling up hydrophone

NOAA on Ocean Sounds

NOAA scientists record sound in the deepest part of the world’s ocean and discover a cacophony of sounds both natural and human generated.
Craig Oliver Interviews Lawrence Gunther  with the crew recording

Craig Oliver Interviews Lawrence Gunther

Craig Oliver, host of Challenges and Change on AMI TV, interviews Lawrence Gunther
fishing boat by the river

Matthew Owl and Ritchie Falls Resort - Part 2

In part two, Matthew Owl, the First Nations Manager of Ritchie Falls Resort, speaks to Lawrence Gunther about growing up on reserve with an Ojibwa father and a mother who comes from New York City
Lawrence, Kyla and Matthew Lodge

Matthew Owl and Ritchie Falls Resort - Part 1

Matthew Owl and his wife Kyla are the new managers and promoters of Ritchie Falls, a 100-year old fishing and hunting resort.
Kyla on the boat

Kyla Lee Owl – Guide and Co-Manager at Ritchie Falls Resort

Blue fish Radio, Lawrence Gunther sits down with Ritchie Falls Resort’s co-manager and guide Kyla Lee Owl to discuss her passion for hunting and fishing.
120lb sailfish and TV Host Tred Barta

Right Size Your Tackle Live from the Toronto Sportsman Show

Blue Fish Radio Lawrence Gunther speaks to a pack crowd at the 2017 Toronto Sportsman Show
Bren Smith Banner

Bren Smith Pioneers a Green Wave

Bren Smith shifted from a career in commercial fishing to become a farmer of the ocean.
Two children looking into a bucket with a Perch inside

Frank Kuiack Reflects on 72 Years of Guiding

Frank Kuiack has been a fishing guide in Ontario’s Algonquin…

IJC Engineer David Fay on Spring Floods and Water

The U.S. and Canadian governments adopted a new Great Lakes…
Mark Mattson

Lake Ontario's Waterkeeper Raises Concern Over Fish Health

Lake Ontario" Waterkeeper Mark Mattson is concerned over…

Barry Lancaster on Hunting and Fishing in Ottawa

The Osgoode Township Fish, Game and Conservation Club is…
Robert Lennox

What makes a fish catchable by hook and line

Robert Lennox is a PhD candidate at Carleton University and…

Mike Miller from Angler and Hunter TV on the Circle of Life

Mike Miller, Host of Angler and Hunter TV, is this week’s…
Gord Ellis with a Lake Superior Steelhead

Gord Ellis on Steelheading and Social Media

  Gord Ellis is an angler, hunter, guide and outdoor…
Keep Canada Fishing

Keep Canada Fishing Keeps Anglers Informed

This week on Blue Fish Radio Lawrence speaks with Sarah McMichael…
Alaya Boisvert-Blue Dot Initiative

Blue Dot Environmental Bill of Rights

Alaya Boisvert, manager of government relations for the Blue…

A Real Fishing Friendzy for Kids and Families

Michael Sklad and his family and friends have found a way…
Lake Athabaska shore

Reflections on Growing Up on the North Shore of Lake Athabasca

  I met Terry Bachmeier at a screening of What…

Ben Woo on Expanding the B1 BASS Tournament Series

Having fished the B1 Bass tournament series on many occasions,…

David Ullrich on Cuts to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Proposed 97% White-house budget cuts to the Great Lakes Restoration…
Lawrence, Lorne and John standing in front of a boat

Lorne Johnson on Balancing the Economy and the Environment

This week on Blue Fish Radio we seek evidence of the mystical…

Atlantic Salmon Federation on Placentia Bay Aquaculture

The Atlantic Salmon Federation wants to know why Newfoundland’s…
Lawrence, Lorne and John standing in front of a boat

Lorne Johnson on Funding Environmental Groups

In part one of this 2-part series, we hear from Lorne Johnson,…
Aquatarium 5,000 lb globe

Rick McGowan fights for angler access to public waters

Rick McGowan has taken his 30-year fight with a wealthy BC…
Wild male and female red salmon in river before spawning in symmetric position.
Captain Phil Thompson and Fish Cuba Now

Captain Phil Thompson and Fish Cuba Now

With a quarter century of fishing and diving experience in…

Larry McDermott of Plenty Canada on Rights and Responsibilities

World respected environmental trail blazer, Larry McDermott,…

Sustainable Seafood and Responsible Choice

Ensuring our seafood is harvested in a sustainable way is…

Christopher Bos the Anglers Coalition and Orcas

Taking a big picture approach is exactly what Christopher…

Season Closer for 2016

We were able to produce 52 new Blue fish Radio episodes…

Seafood Choice on Canada Going All Green Light

SeaChoice is a completely independently funded sustainable…

Marine Stewardship Council and the Sustainability of Canada's Fisheries

The goal is to return to sustainability of wild-capture fisheries…

Behind the Tanks at Toronto's Ripley Aquarium

The Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto couldn't be more centrally…

Anastasia Lintner on Recommendations to Canada's Fisheries Act

Anastasia Lintner was hired by the Forum for Leadership on…
Luc Girard holding a  56 inch musky caught in the St. Lawrence

Luc Girard Citizen Scientist

Luc Girard is one of those amazing committed anglers who…

Reno Viola on 33 Years in the Media Business

Reno Viola co-founded and hosted both the Fish'n Canada TV…

Oceana Canada Speaks Out About the State of Canada's Marine Fisheries

As the Executive Director of Oceana Canada, Josh Laugrehn…

Fishing the St. Lawrence with Mohawk Norman Peters of Akwesasne Part-1

The St. Lawrence River, which the Mohawks call Kaniatarowanenneh…

Fishing with Mohawk Elder Norman Peters on the St-Lawrence Part-2

Turns out Mohawk fishers shared in common with non-native…

Restoring the St. Lawrence Thanks to the Mohawks of Akwesasne

Delve into the culture of Mohawks of Akwesasne. Living on…

Ian Steven and the Water Wealth Project

Local champions come in all forms, but I think you will agree…

What Lies Below Q&A

What Lies Below is a six-year project that is about to be…

Pitching to Potential Stewards

As someone who is asked to speak to various groups about…

Big Jim Mclaughlin Reflects on the Evolution of Fishing

For thousands of years people harvested fish for food. Fish…

Digital Maps and Sonar Charts

Navionics is a world leader in the production of navigation…

Colin Lake on Commercial Fishing on Lake Ontario

Commercial fishing has been taking place on Lake Ontario…

Colin Lake on Lake Ontario Research and Hamilton Harbour Restoration

Colin Lake from the Glenora Fisheries Station speaks with…

Colin Lake on Lake Ontario Salmon and Bay of Quinte Walleye

Colin Lake is a lead biologist with Ontario’s Ministry…

Safina Centre on Sustainable Fishing Gear

Science and local knowledge is essential in determining how…

Mote Aquarium Applies Acoustic Research with Amazing Results

Dr. James Locascio from the Mote Aquarium is pioneering…

Vancouver Aquarium and the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-Up

Kate Le Souef, manager of the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-Up…

Vancouver Aquarium on Ocean Polution

Vancouver Aquarium researchers believe it’s the micro plastics…

Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise Program

Ocean Wise, a sustainable fish indicator now found in over…

Live from inside the Vancouver Aquarium

Lawrence tours the Vancouver Aquarium and gets hands-on with…

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Initiative

Purchasing only those wild fish stocks harvested sustainably…

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Ken Peterson on Conservation

The Monterey Bay Aquarium plays a leading role in rebuilding…

Aquarium of the Bay and Sustainability

Keeping a world-class public aquarium facility sustainable…

The Bay Institute on Marine Protection Areas

Listen as Brian Baird, Director of Ocean and Coastal Programs…

Aquarium of the Bay Reveals the Mysteries of San Francisco Bay

San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay has transitioned from…

Aquarium of the Pacific on Sustainability Sea Turtles and Jellies

The Aquarium of the Pacific is a leader in making sure the…

Orca Whales Up Close and Personal

Twenty years observing Orcas gives this whale watch boat captain…

St. Lawrence Top Ten Most Endangered

Lee Willbanks is the official River Keeper for the Upper St.…

Aquarium of the Pacific and Whale Ship Strike Research

Located in Long Bay off the coast of Los Angeles California,…

Upper St Lawrence River Volunteer River Keeper Training

Thanks to the St. Lawrence River Institute on Environmental…

Great Lakes water Quality and Tom de Loe from the IJC

The Great Lakes Water Quality Board just conducted the largest…

Josh Stoll on Community Supported Fisheries

Community Supported Fishing is modeled after the agricultural…

Birch Aquarium live

San Diego is known for more than just it's famous zoo. It…

Bears Belugas and the Aquarium du Quebec

In this field visit, Lawrence and his family are hands-on…

Show Seminar Series Spring 2016

Lawrence Gunther, host of Blue Fish Radio, is also a popular…

Freshwater Future on Saving Lake Erie

In the late 1970's Dr. Zeus wrote a poem about the death…

John Werring on Fracking Fish and Water

John Werring from the David Suzuki Foundation speaks candidly about…

Shannon Bower on Recreational Fishing in India

Recreational fishing globally is valued at over $180 Billion…

Gord Pyzer Part 1 of 2

Gord Pyzer has spent his entire professional and personal…

Gord Pyzer Part 2 of 2

Gord reflects on the past, present and future of fishing.…

Can Atlantic Salmon Stage a Return

Atlantic Salmon, once considered the premier fish of North…

Dr Steven Cooke on Citizen Science

Not only does Dr. Steven Cooke oversee one of Canada's premier…

Marc Thorpe on Handling Musky

Marc Thorpe, one of Canada's premier Musky guides has plenty…

Albertas Ice Fishers Risk Man Slaughter Charges

The Alberta Conservation Association is responsible for stocking…

St Lawrence Minnow Research

Lawrence speaks with Matt Windle of the St Lawrence Institute…

Watershed Watch and West Coast Salmon

Aaron Hill is the new Executive Director of this 17-year…

Saving the Oceans featuring Carl Safina - Part 1 of 2

In the first of this 2-part series, Carl Safina, host of…

Saving the Oceans featuring Carl Safina - Part 2 of 2

Part two of a 2-part series featuring Carl Safina, host of…

Raw Sewage Musky and Marc Thorpe

With 8 billion litres of raw sewage recently dumped into…

Dr. Carl Safina on Sustainable Fishing

Dr. Carl Safina, founder of the Safina Centre, author of…

Canadian Wildlife Federation and Fish Habitat

David Brown, the Canadian Wildlife Federation's Director…

NOAA Fish Watch

Laurel Bryant, Chief of External Affairs for the National…

Association of Zoos and Aquariums - Roger German

Roger German, Chair of the Aquarium Affairs Committee for…

SHEDD Aquarium - Part 1 of 3

The first part of a 3-part interview with Dr. Solomon David,…

SHEDD Aquarium - Part 2 of 3

The second part of a 3-part interview with Dr. Solomon David,…

SHEDD Aquarium - Part 3 of 3

Interview with Chuck Knapp, VP of Research and Conservation…

Lawrence Gunther Saying Thanks

What an amazing year. With Thanksgiving on tap I thought…

Suzuki Foundation on Blue Green Algae

John Werring is a senior science advisor for the David Suzuki…

Dr Jack Stanford and Pacific Salmon

Dr. Jack Stanford has over 44 years of teaching and research…

Friends of Mill Creek

It is possible to get farmers, industrialists, developers,…

Tilapia the Miracle Fish

Remember the movie Salmon in Yemen? This is Tilapia in Sudan.…

NOAA Fish Stock Report for 2014

The NOAA's office for sustainable fisheries recently released…

Bruce Tufts on Gobies Bass and Youth

Bruce Tufts runs the fresh water research centre at Queens…

Fish That Changed My Life

Fish stories most often involve the one that got away. But,…

Invasive Species in the Great Lakes

Lawrence Gunther speaks with Anthony Ricciardi from McGill…

Pacific Salmon Foundation

Brian Riddell CEO of the Pacific Salmon Foundation is excited…

Ducks Unlimited and Fish

Mark Gloutney, Eastern Canada Regional Director for Ducks…

Ontario Federation of Cottagers

The Federation of Ontario Cottager Associations knows that…

Recycled Fish on Stewardship

Over ten years of promoting sound angler stewardship practices,…

Commercial Fishing in the Arctic

As climate change continues to shrink the ice-pack in Canada's…

WWF on Illegal Fishing

Michele Kuruc, Vice President of Ocean Policy at the World…

Mark Melnyk on Conservation

Mark Melnyk, a popular fishing program TV host, shares his…

Self-Taught Scientist

Some scientists spend years pursuing higher education, while…

Proposed Western Gateway Pipeline

Informed advocacy is the name of the game in fighting potentially…

David Chong and Urban Fishing

David Chong, one of Canada's premier Bass fishing competitors,…

Drugs and Our Fish

Dr. Vance Trudeau has made it his life's work to understand…

Lake of the Woods

The other great lake, Lake of the Woods, is experiencing…

One Mans Fishing Log

Wally Robins tracked fish captures on his favorite lake for…

Canada's new Trout Unlimited CEO

As the new CEO of Trout Unlimited Canada, Silvia D'Amelio…

Training Fish To Walk

Dr. Emily Standen has proven fish can be trained to walk…

Closed Containment Salmon Farming

A First Nations community on Canada's Vancouver Island is…

Aquahacking the Ottawa River

Meredith Brown of the Ottawa River Keepers speaks about an…

Electro-Fishing and American Eels

Learn first hand how electro-fishing works, and hear what…

Oil Pipes and the Skeena River

If oil pipelines are built to move oil from Alberta to the…

Southern Carp Come North

100 years after Common Carp were introduced to North America,…

The Role of Marine Reserves

Dr. Clarke speaks about the positive impact marine reserves…

Lake Sturgeon in Detroit River

Richard Wyma speaks about the partnership work being undertaken…

Mercury in Walleye on the St Lawrence

Fish biologist from the St. Lawrence River Institute on Environmental…

Environment Commissioner of Ontario

The Environment Commissioner of Ontario speaks about greenhouse…

Joc River Embayment Project

Listen to a lead biologist from the Rideau Valley Conservation…

Walter Oster talks Toronto SportsMan Show

Walter Oster reminisces about the start of the Canadian National…

Tony Moss and the 2014 Living Water Rall

The Fresh water Alliance recently held its biannual Living…

Chief Adam and Salmon Harvesting

The struggle between commercial fishing for Salmon on the…

Dr. Alexander Wilson Talks Sailfish

Ever wonder how Sailfish use their enormous dorsal fins and…

Brewers Park Reconstruction

Blue Fish tours the inner-city Brewer Pond rehabilitation…

Dr John Midwood Talks Tagging Musky

Learn about tagging fish and the different research projects…

Kuterra Closed Containment Salmon Farm

A first Nations reserve situated on the North end of Vancouver…

Rain Coast Conservation Foundation

Foundation Biologist speaks about British Columbia's north-west…

SkeenaWild Conservation Trust

A conversation with the Executive Director of the trust about…

People In Motion Presentation June 2014

Recording of my presentation at the 2014 People in Motion…

Stenonema Rangers

A self-taught ecologist, Mack Beacon offers tips on river…

Cottagers Actively Engage Over Water Issues

Terry Rees, Executive Director of the Federation of Ontario…

Lake Erie Commercial Fisherie

Brian Locke, Ministry of Natural Resources Supervisor of…

Dr. Chris Harvey Clarke and MPA

Dr. Chris Harvey Clarke is a trained veterinarian and marine…

Gary Fisher Talks Big Bass Tournaments

Gary Fisher is the founder of the St. Lawrence Thousand Island…

David Chong Talks About Urban Fishing

David Chong, a celebrated professional fisher, competitor,…

Peter Levick from Musky Canada Ottawa

Peter Levick, President of Musky Canada Ottawa talks about…

Ron Corbit and Lawrence Talk Fishing

Ron Corbit and Lawrence talk about the world’s first fishing…

Brian Hickey on St-Francis Ecosystem

Brian Hickey, biologist with the St-Lawrence River Institute…

Alabama Fish Biologist and Carp

Interview with Dirk Price, fish biologist and operator of…

Blue Fish and the St-Lawrence Institute

Lawrence Gunther, President of Blue Fish Canada, presents…

Lanark Fish and Game Conservation

Lanark and district fish and game conservation club has done…

Meet Teeg Stouffer of Recycled Fish

Listen to Teeg talk about the significant challenges that…

Wil Wegman on Conservation Projects

Interview with Wil Wegman, Conservation Director for the…

Paul Shibata on Live Release

Interview with Paul Shibata, President of Renegade Bass on…

Evolution of Ontario Fishing Regulations

Interview with Ministry of Natural Resources Recreational…