Watching out for St Lawrence Whales

Hear Lawrence Gunther’s adventure aboard a whale watching zodiac on this first of a two-part episode featuring the whales of the St. Lawrence

Ontario Gives Carp Fishing a Long-Needed Boost

Hear Lawrence Gunther in conversation with the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry followed by a quick chat with Jesse Gallant, founder of Canadian Carper.

Lawrence Gunther on Visioning Underwater Worlds

Going blind has allowed Lawrence Gunther to gain insight on the worlds that remain hidden out-of-sight to the rest of us.

What Every Angler Should Know

Harvesting fish sustainably and catch-and-release best practices

Fishn Canada Carp Cup Live

The winner took home $5,000 and a trip to Europe to fish the World Carp Championship.

Canada’s Own Outdoor Group Media and Mark Yelic

For 41 years Outdoor Group Media has been raising the bar on the production and delivery of award-winning content to over 2-million dedicated Canadian readers of their magazines Outdoor Canada and BC Outdoors.

Destination Northern Ontario and David MacLachlan

David is fully engaged in ensuring Northern Ontario’s fishing resorts remain pristine wilderness environments, and is actively engaging the forestry industry and the promotion of stewardship initiatives to ensure the future of fish and fishing

6-foot White Sturgeon caught on the lower Fraser River

Canadas Own River Monsters

Blue fish Radio presentation of Canada’s Own River Monsters as captured and released by Lawrence Gunther.

DFO on Restoring Fraser River Salmon Habitat

Learn how Murray Manson, a restoration biologist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, is working with angling and conservation groups on this episode of Blue Fish Radio

Ontario Women Anglers Current and New 2019 Programs

Building on our series “giants in the Canadian fishing industry”, Blue Fish Radio is honoured to feature Yvonne Brown, founder of “Ontario Women Anglers”.