Atlantic Salmon Federation on Placentia Bay Aquaculture

The Atlantic Salmon Federation wants to know why Newfoundland’s Environment Minister took a pass on conducting an environmental review of the largest-ever salmon farm being proposed for Placentia Bay. More than 19 rivers that lead to the Bay are utilized by wild Atlantic Salmon – a species in this region already in trouble. The Federation would like a study conducted to determine the potential impacts of growing out 7-million salmon in a newly proposed open pen salmon rearing operation so people can make informed decisions, and isn’t that what balancing the economy with the environment is all about?


Lawrence, Lorne and John standing in front of a boat

Lorne Johnson on Funding Environmental Groups

In part one of this 2-part series, we hear from Lorne Johnson, one of Canada’s leading consultants serving private foundations. Lorne offers insights on the role forestry managers now play in ensuring the sustainable management of Canada’s largest renewable resource. We then discuss the role of environmental groups and their challenge in engaging the public to address climate change, and why such groups need to offer stronger economic rationale to elicit action. We discuss how humans became soft-wired to spot danger and react accordingly, and how such conditioning is responsible for our ability to respond to adversity. Last, Lorne walks us through the decision making process foundations go through when selecting organizations to fund.

Rick McGowan fights for angler access to public waters

Rick McGowan has taken his 30-year fight with a wealthy BC Ranch owner all the way to the BC Supreme Court. It’s about exercising the public’s right to access public water using public roads, but that’s not how property owner of the 250,000 hector ranch sees it. The Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club does though, and so do many others who are lining up behind Rick and his Club to see this fight through to the end.

Captain Phil Thompson and Fish Cuba Now

Captain Phil Thompson and Fish Cuba Now

With a quarter century of fishing and diving experience in Cuban waters, Capt. Phil Thompson has launched a new guide service called Fish Cuba Now. He offers angling and diving adventures throughout Cuba, a new frontier regarded by many as possessing some of the most pristine marine habitats on Earth. Listen to how Thompson is also making sure the resource will be managed sustainably on this week’s episode of Blue fish Radio.

Larry McDermott of Plenty Canada on Rights and Responsibilities

World respected environmental trail blazer, Larry McDermott, a member of Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation, and Executive Director of Plenty Canada, an organization dedicated to environmental protection and healthy communities, and co-chair of the Canadian Environmental Network Biodiversity Caucus, speaks with Blue Fish on reconciliation, friendship, and the need to respect both indigenous knowledge and western science equally. Larry says, Rights means taking responsibility for living within nature’s means, and this means everyone needs to work together.

Sustainable Seafood and Responsible Choice

Ensuring our seafood is harvested in a sustainable way is up to us all. In this episode of Blue Fish Radio Lawrence Gunther walks us through the roles of the many different stakeholders and players that are working hard to improve the sustainability of our seafood fisheries, and offers guidance on what each of us can do to play a part in realizing the goal of sustainable wild fish stocks in our oceans.

Christopher Bos the Anglers Coalition and Orcas

Taking a big picture approach is exactly what Christopher Bos and the Anglers Coalition is doing with their plans for introducing millions of Chinook salmon into the Pacific. Tired of watching their ecosystem slowly deteriorate due to a host of documented pressures, this group of concerned citizens is taking action. Their goal, to introduce enough salmon into the Pacific Ocean off the south end of Vancouver Island to ensure an ample supply of food for the three area Orca pods, J, K and L. They understand that if the apex predator in the system is doing well, then the entire ecosystem is strong. Listen to this week’s Blue fish Radio interview with the Coalition’s president, Christopher Bos, as we hear first-hand about their plans to bring about positive change.

Season Closer for 2016

We were able to produce 52 new Blue fish Radio episodes in 2016, and are planning another 52 for 2017. This season closer is a collection of sage advice provided by some of the greatest anglers I’ve had the privilege of knowing. It’s advice we all need to reflect on as its not normally what you read or hear on TV. It makes sense though.