Tony Moss and the 2014 Living Water Rall

The Fresh water Alliance recently held its biannual Living Water rally and Tony Moss speaks about the challenges, successes and lessons learned, as well as the great results achieved.

Chief Adam and Salmon Harvesting

The struggle between commercial fishing for Salmon on the ocean and First Nations communities continues; only now science is backing up what native fishers have been saying for years – we need to harvest selectively.

Dr. Alexander Wilson Talks Sailfish

Ever wonder how Sailfish use their enormous dorsal fins and bills to aid in their capture of pray? Listen to Dr. Alexander Wilson talk about his underwater filming research of Sailfish working together to chorale and consume baitfish.

Brewers Park Reconstruction

Blue Fish tours the inner-city Brewer Pond rehabilitation project with Jennifer Lamoureux of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority to hear how an uninhabitable pond is being turned into prime Musky spawning habitat.

Dr John Midwood Talks Tagging Musky

Learn about tagging fish and the different research projects Dr. Midwood is involved with such as tracking Musky in the centre of cities.

Kuterra Closed Containment Salmon Farm

A first Nations reserve situated on the North end of Vancouver Island is now successfully growing Salmon using a closed containment system for the commercial market.

Rain Coast Conservation Foundation

Foundation Biologist speaks about British Columbia’s north-west coastline and the potential of the loss of Salmon from spilled oil.

SkeenaWild Conservation Trust

A conversation with the Executive Director of the trust about the salmon fishing on the Skeena river and potential impacts of proposed oil pipelines.

People In Motion Presentation June 2014

Recording of my presentation at the 2014 People in Motion Show in which I speak about the challenges of going blind three times and how it prepared me to accomplish all that I do, with special thanks to all those who have a hand in making it possible.

Stenonema Rangers

A self-taught ecologist, Mack Beacon offers tips on river restoration and self-directed ecological study, and the story behind how his son came up with the name, “Stenonema Rangers”.