First-Ever Indigenous IJC Commissioner Henry Lickers

Henry Lickers believes the IJC is committed to include the traditional knowledge of both indigenous nations and shoreline communities, and to apply science to inform precautionary measures

Haig-Brown Conservation Award Winner Eric Hobson

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Stocking Fish Damming Rivers and Wild Trout

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Great Lake Chemicals of Mutual Concern

Hear John Jackson, Co-Chair of the Binational Toxic-Free Great Lakes Network, discuss what it takes to have a chemical nominated to become a candidate for study prior to being listed as a “chemical of mutual concern”

Ned Kehde Brings You the Ned Rig and So Much More

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Canadas New Fisheries Act and Recreational Fishing

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The Future of Angler Apps and Fish Conservation

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National Wildlife Federation Presents Outdoor Adventurers

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Fishing Giant Bob Izumi on Fishing for a Living

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Pan-American Bass Tournament Highlights with Bob Izumi

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