Entries by Lawrence

Lake Erie Commercial Fisherie

Brian Locke, Ministry of Natural Resources Supervisor of the commercial fisherie on Lake Erie speaks about the new quotas for 2014 and the general health of Lake Erie’s fishery.

Dr. Chris Harvey Clarke and MPA

Dr. Chris Harvey Clarke is a trained veterinarian and marine biologist, and has been working actively as a researcher of aquatic ecosystems for over 30 years. Today Dr. Harvey Clarke speaks to Lawrence Gunther about Marine Protected Areas.

Gary Fisher Talks Big Bass Tournaments

Gary Fisher is the founder of the St. Lawrence Thousand Island Big Bass Tournament and the Big Bass Classic. He’s also a huge fan of the Big Bass Weigh-in format for reducing stress on Bass.

David Chong Talks About Urban Fishing

David Chong, a celebrated professional fisher, competitor, and leader in the fishing industry speaks about growing up fishing within Toronto’s city limits, and his experiences and efforts to re-open Toronto’s waters for others to enjoy.

Brian Hickey on St-Francis Ecosystem

Brian Hickey, biologist with the St-Lawrence River Institute on Environmental Science, speaks about the lake St-Francis ecosystem, and research underway concerning Mercury in Sport fish.

Alabama Fish Biologist and Carp

Interview with Dirk Price, fish biologist and operator of a fish hatchery for over 30 years, speaks about Carp and the very minimal impact they have had on his native Alabama sport fishery.