Entries by Lawrence

Lake Sturgeon in Detroit River

Richard Wyma speaks about the partnership work being undertaken to create spawning habitat for Lake Sturgeon in the Detroit Habitat following the collapse of the sturgeon population to less than 1% of their former numbers.

Joc River Embayment Project

Listen to a lead biologist from the Rideau Valley Conservation Association and the President of Musky Canada Inc. describe what it takes to turn a stretch of an urban river into prime fish habitat.

Chief Adam and Salmon Harvesting

The struggle between commercial fishing for Salmon on the ocean and First Nations communities continues; only now science is backing up what native fishers have been saying for years – we need to harvest selectively.

Dr. Alexander Wilson Talks Sailfish

Ever wonder how Sailfish use their enormous dorsal fins and bills to aid in their capture of pray? Listen to Dr. Alexander Wilson talk about his underwater filming research of Sailfish working together to chorale and consume baitfish.

Brewers Park Reconstruction

Blue Fish tours the inner-city Brewer Pond rehabilitation project with Jennifer Lamoureux of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority to hear how an uninhabitable pond is being turned into prime Musky spawning habitat.